Here is an introduction to our main stream services!

Step 1: Review Existing Benefits Plan/Pension Plan

  • Plan Design
  • Plan administration options
  • Employee communication
  • Taxation and legislative concerns
  • Premium distribution

Step 2: Recommendations may include

  • Plan design changes to better meet your corporate culture and employee needs
  • More effective communication to give your plan better exposure
  • Employee meetings and seminars
  • Reduce hidden costs by adjusting the way the plans are administered
  • If appropriate we may recommend a plan to go to the market for pricing

Step 3: Ongoing services include

  • Updates on Government legislative changes and CPP and EI changes
  • Updates on product advancements and plan design recommendations
  • Updates on industry trends
  • Negotiations/liaison on pricing with the insurance provider at annual review time
  • Employee meetings and ongoing communication
  • Claims reports during the policy year to assist clients in being proactive
  • Benchmark reports to see how you stack up with other employers
  • The handling of any contentious claims
  • Ongoing service by phone, email, or in person

We will add the extra value you deserve to your benefits and pension plans!