The Company

Brereton was originally named after Brereton Lake Resort. The lake represented a collection of goods and services put together to help families enjoy their leisure time together. We serve these same families. Through employer group insurance and pension plans, we are able to make sure that in the event of a Death, Disability or Retirement these same families will be able to afford to continue their life styles.

Brereton is an independent consulting firm that was established in 2000 and specializes in tailoring services to meet companies' needs in Western Canada.

  • Our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is to develop a strong partnership with Companies that are interested in the well being of their human capitol and are interested in developing a better than average benefits plan for their organization.

  • Our COMMITMENT is to provide service that is superior to the services now being offered in the marketplace by both agents and brokers.

  • BRERETON provides an INDIVIDUAL SERVICE to a wide range of employers. These include Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Service Industries, Professional Partnerships, Research and Development, Hospitality, Professional Associations and Cooperatives. We ensure that marketing produces the most choices at the lowest possible cost.

  • Professional development and ongoing education is our investment to guarantee the advice we provide to clients is the best. The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and Dalhousie University cosponsor the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) designation and the GBA designation.

Our continued growth as a profitable business is dependant on us working with companies like yours that strive to offer better than average benefit plans to their organization. We will continue to work hard at earning your business.

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